Attributed to Confucius, this principle guides our practices. Beecoz People Matter is about helping resource and develop talent for and within quality companies that value their staff above all else. A happy team is more productive, more willing to help, ensures better brand ambassadorship and, ultimately, it makes it easier for the business to make money. All businesses can aspire to this and at Beecoz, we genuinely consult to our corporate clients, to help them set and stay on this path, so that we can bring the best candidates to them. We are equally committed to the candidate as the client, to agree and manage expectations of both parties, for right outcomes of long tenure.


Angus Warmbath, the principal and founder of Beecoz, commenced in Executive Recruitment in 1994 with Beilby, in Sydney NSW. After 3-years there and as State Manager, he realised that working in rather than on the business was his forte.
In 2001, with new family, he moved to Brisbane QLD and was called to continue working with his Sydney clients.
Proving location was irrelevant to outcome, a now National focus helped his valued clients across many disciplines, and led to resourcing of senior staff in every major city in A/NZ as well as key locations across APAC – Macau, Singapore, Shanghai.
Beecoz P/L was established in June 2003, operating simply as a trading entity behind larger, member-based companies until 2013.
In 2009, as the GFC impacted recruitment, Angus became accredited and delivered group and individual Career Transition programs & support to 100s of employees whose positions were made redundant.
Angus comments that “Delivering benefit to individuals has been truly rewarding, personally”.

Contact information

  •   +61 (0)410 683 431
  •   angus@beecoz.com.au
  •   beecozPM
  •   www.linkedin.com/in/angus-warmbath-5b460b5


  • We partner only with companies that are committed to staff development
  • We encourage companies to embrace open & honest insight on how they are perceived by the market and their own staff
  • We welcome the opportunity to work with companies, mainly SMEs, on developing effective People & Performance strategies
  • We present candidates that will deliver the required outcome, not necessarily tick off an arbitrary list of skills &/or experiences
  • We support equally company and employee through the initial stages of employment, when  confidentiality of both parties is paramount
  • We care about the experience of our candidates and manage expectations realistically
  • We are committed to Career Transition outcomes for participants, which means not simply providing technical skills
Directorships of Angus
  • Director Beecoz P/L   /    2003 – on-going
  • Director Executive Resource Group   /    2003 – 2011
  • Non-Executive Director Ozpoly Advisory Board   /    2008 – 2010


  • Executive & Technical Recruitment – Global, mainly A/NZ & APAC
  • Part-Service Recruitment – one-size does not fit all
  • Management Consulting
  • Company Benchmarking
  • Leadership Development Program
  • Career Transition / Outplacement – Groups or Individuals
  • Practical Advice – career, resume, interview
  • Event Staging – business & technical roles
  • Experiential & Brand Activation – creative, business & project/technical roles
  • AV / SVL Audiovisual Installation – business, technical & project roles
  • Sales / BD / Account Management – all industries
  • New Technologies – VR, AR, Simulation
  • Mining Communications & Autonomous Operations – business & technical engineering
  • Control Systems & Automation – selected industries
Examples of positions resourced
  • General Manager
  • Technical Director
  • Sales/Business Manager
  • Project Manager
  • BDM/Sales/AM
  • Event Producer/Manager
  • Sales Engineer
  • Operations/Logistics Manager/QA
These are simply a selection of job titles filled; the full list is considerably larger. BPM offers its unique client base a committed partnership and sounding board for all aspects relating to their primary asset, their staff. Through existing networks and the global membership entity, NPA Worldwide, there are no roles we cannot assist with, no aspect of Human Resources we cannot contribute to. Our clients need only deal with one person, to ensure continuity of culture, regardless the skills/experience required in the business. We are not expert in all disciplines but we know someone who is. We make it easy for our clients to work in and on their business.

Have you wondered sometimes how some people seem to land that job or promotion with barely relevant skills or experience? Have you approached the job market thinking just to get a job you can do, rather than one you really want to do? It doesn’t have to be that way…

Since 2009, when certified by Donington, a leading International Career Transition (formerly Outplacement) services provider, Angus has delivered workshops and individual programs to 100s of Australian workers.

Many companies were dramatically impacted by the GFC, some relocated production facilities overseas, a number of operations simply restructured. In such circumstances, loyal and capable staff had their positions made redundant – they were not made redundant, their positions no longer existed.

Tailored programs were considered and offered, relevant to the needs of both company and their departing staff. These included group workshops with extended follow-up, individual programs, face-to-face, phone and virtual consulting; for people who had performed their duties in production/operations, administration, sales/customer service, management – in all disciplines, at all levels.

Subsequently, the skills developed led Angus to offer similar services to job-seekers who could value assistance technically or personally in achieving their “dream-job” – that is always the ultimate aim. Although the dream or ideal role is not always available right now, if you don’t know what it looks like, it will rarely be achieved.

Services include:

  1. Resume – what is it for, what should be in it?
  2. LinkedIn – be found and find your network
  3. Hidden job market – if only a third of jobs are advertised…
  4. Interview techniques – practice makes perfect
  5. Transferable skills – looking outside “your industry”
  6. Cover letters and selection criteria
  7. Future-proofing your career
  8. Tailored to YOU!


For companies
  • Network in your industry – someone you know and who knows you offers least risk
  • Future-proof your business by developing your staff wherever possible – if an opening occurs, they may not be able to step up fully but they’ll be able to assume some additional responsibility
  • Incentivise your team – pay them a bonus if they recommend someone who stays longer than 3-mths (its cheaper than a recruiter and no one will recommend a team member who doesn’t reflect well)
  • Assess any external consultant, not just the company, in depth – they are a brand representative for your business in the market
For indviduals
  • Your CV serves one purpose – to advance you through to the next stage
  • Your CV is an advertisement, it is not your life-story; it needs to hook interest
  • Consider who is reading your resume more than who is writing it!
  • KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid
  • Research
  • Keep your References private and informed


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